Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Designing for downsizers

If you're putting in some extra time at work in the evening or on a weekend and notice a group of people casing your floor and talking about new drapes and upholstery, look out. It could be a sign of an upcoming layoff. In what has become a new trend, apparently, companies are contracting with interior design firms to redesign floorplans and office space before announcing cutbacks. The idea is to make the empty desks disappear as quickly as possible, so that the remaining employees aren't reminded of their co-workers disappearances. Of course, companies want to make efficient use of their space as well.

I've always recognized the importance of designing to improve efficiency, but this seems a little bit too efficient. At any rate, keep an eye out for those interior designers off hours, and if you see one, it might make sense to polish up that resume.

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