Sunday, July 20, 2008

Remarks on Free Agent Nation

Self employed free agents are unaccounted for in official government statistics, but form a large proportion of the US workforce. Daniel Pink, author of Free Agent Nation, estimated in 2004 that the number of free agents of various stripes was 33 million and growing. Many of these free agents work out of their homes, using the "free agent infrastructure" of the Internet, Starbucks, Kinkos, and FedEx to conduct their business.

Free Agent Nation is both a description of the free agent workforce and a argument for why workers should cut themselves free of large companies and work for themselves. It's a convincing argument if you have a strong set of skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. Easy to read, full of interesting data and opinions. This interview with the author gives a flavor of the book, first published in 2001 and reprinted in 2004. Recommended.

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