Friday, November 27, 2009

Reformatting RTP

I've complained before about the layout of Research Triangle Park between Durham and Raleigh. It's too big and traffic intensive to encourage tech workers to meet each other and exchange ideas. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so, as there are plans to repurpose some of the land to encourage collaboration between companies and their knowledge workers.

This is a nice development. I've taken advantage of some of the activities mentioned in this article, including Techie Tuesday and the RTP-based NCSU MBA program. I'd love to see park do more to encourage techs to get together. Kudos to Rick Weddle and his staff for taking steps in that direction.


CRousseau said...

Thanks for your post on the BusinessWeek article "Reimagining the Science Park in North Carolina".

Speaking as a member of Rick's staff at the Research Triangle Foundation, we are definitely taking steps to build more of a community in RTP. Although the effort can't happen overnight, some results are already visible - such as Techie Tuesdays, SmartCommute@rtp, incubator growth, and educational opportunities in Park Research Center.

Also, as part of our work to build connectivity, we have partnered with Science in the Triangle to promote news, events, and happenings around the Park. Check out their soon-to-be refurbished website to keep up.

Thanks again!

Carl Turner said...

I've been to Techie Tuesday; that's a nice event. And of course I know the Park Research Center because the NCSU MBA part time program is located there.