Monday, September 24, 2007

Wanted - VPs of Design

I've think I've ranted about this before, but BusinessWeek does excellent work explaining innovation and design. I found their recent article about bringing designers into management interesting because, well, I'm trying to position myself as a VP for design.

The article addresses the question of how to provide management skills to people who have worked as designers. A few schools, like Illinois Institute of Technology, have design programs that provide some business training, but most design programs do not. For me, the interesting thing is that companies are starting to recognize the value of having people with designer sensibility in upper management.

Of course, I've entered the NCSU MBA program in order to develop my business skills. I'll get a better sense of how many companies value people with a foot in both worlds, so to speak, as I talk to managers for the many companies that are based here in the Raleigh Durham area.

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